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is your Cortana Not Working?

Microsoft Cortana is personal assistant for Windows 10. However, it may happen that your Cortana might not function in Windows 10.  If so don’t be irritated, there are several solutions to fix Is Your Cortana Not Working problem. Cortanatechsupport offers Technical Assistance for Windows 10 users who are facing various issues with virtual digital assistant. Our expert technicians are more capable to make it functional with in all Windows devices without any hassle.

My Cortana Stopped responding?

Microsoft Cortana is virtual digital assistant from Microsoft, which is one of new features available in Windows 10. If Cortana stopped responding, don’t be frustrated, you might be able to fix My Cortana Stopped Responding issue. Sometimes you get a message like Cortana Stopped Responding. Then simply you need effective and timely help from reliable technical support resource. Cortanatechsupport is here to fix all Microsoft Cortana errors without interfering your privacy.


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Help with Cortana Windows 10

With the support from Cortanatechsupport you would be able to get Windows 10 Cortana Support in timely and reliable manner. You just need to call on our Cortana Tech Support number +1877-873-6675 and get help from expert support team. We mainly focus on your time and leave no stone unturned  to provide you best Cortana Technical Support.

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Need Cortana Support?

If you are using windows 10 version to Microsoft operating system. You must be aware of cortana which is similar to siri on iphone but it is a Microsoft product. Ever since Cortana released into market everyone started using it. Most of them type cortana jokes. But some users cannot get started with cortana. if you face any problem like that please get cortana support by calling tollfree number on this page.

Do you want to completely remove cortana?

Though cortana is a fantastic tool to use for self assistance. Most of them use other alternative solutions instead like siri on iphone. But if you like treditional search box & all other features. Many of them want to completely remove cortana feature. Which you can do by the help of tech support team. Call cortana tech support to get your cortana removed.

is your cortana not working?

When i purchased Lenovo laptop from best buy. I bought it from near by computer store with windows 10 pre installed on it. But when i came home & start using it. I learned about something called cortana. I look for search icon & started talking to cortana. It didn’t happen. cortana not working so i have returned my computer. Store guy told us to call cortana support number to get cortana issues fixed. Which i did by calling phone number on this webpage.

Cortana Language Support

Microsoft Cortana Support

Get Cortana technical support phone number

If you are facing problem with cortana after upgrading or installing windows 10 on your PC you came to the right place. Usually it won’t work if there is any problem with audio drivers or if your region is not supported by cortana. You will not see cortana option. Or you will not be able to use cortana properly. In that case you need to dial cortana technical support phone number to get your windows 10 cortana issues fixed & get virtual assistance free with widnows 10.

Win10 not seeing cortana?

Windows 10 cortana feature is not available on your PC? it is not that you are facing problem with cortana. it is either your location is not supported by cortana or your language is not supported by cortana. Some times you may get this strange error even if you are from united states. This could be something related to time  zome seleciton of your computer. if you make sure all is well with your time zone settings you may use this option to get your win10 not seeing cortana issue fixed.

Do you want to turn off cortana win 10?

if you are a person like me who hate voice assistance you may want to disable cortana or turn off cortana win 10. Or if you want to hide it so that no one can search your info by voice command then it is ok. You may do that. Windows 10 provide option to turn off cortana windows 10 to all users. But this needs good level of expertise to follow steps to disable it or you may run into some other new problems. I would suggest you to call us on toll free to get support.

Do you want to turn cortana on or off?

It improved alot from the day one. I’ve suprised to see a physical product which can be used inside my house. It is using Microsoft services than hijacking any apps, its response time improved alot & greatly improved. It is shouting calculus equations & closed it to turn cortana on or off by my instinct.

Disable cortana completely

Cortana got new API you can integrate with third party APIs to get your work done. For example you can say book a ticket it may open ticketing app on your computer. You can book flight tickets or anything. everyone likes these integration features. if you are still facing any problems you may disable cortana completely.


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Make cortana enable

By default after installing or upgrading to windows 10 it is enabled. if it is not you may want to search for cortana enable on your PC to get option to enable cortana. This is very simple but should change appropriate setting to do so.

Do you want to know how to remove cortana?

You may rwant to know how to remove cortana because you hate it. Or you want to do it for fun or just to check if that can be done. Or if you are facing problem really with cortana you don’t have to disable it. You can just stop using it. If you are having different reasons than above it is your wish to disable it. for that you may search online to find ulimited source to do it. or use chat option to get support.

win10 start menu not responding?

This is the most common problem of everyone with low RAM or low configuration computers. After you install windows 10 on your PC you may get issues like win10 start menu not responding issues or cortana not at all working issues. But this could be hardware issue if you are using computer with less than 2GB RAM. That cannot be posstible at the same time. It could also be software problem only if you are using computer for a long time. What ever the reason is you may always find resolution for it by calling us.

win10 no cortana feature

it is not accident if you are amazed that you don’t find win10 no cortana feature on your newly purchased computer or upgraded computer. All you have to do is find out the solution for it either by searching online or by getting support. getting support is the recommended one you may find phone number or chat option to get connnected to support staff.

how to shut off cortana?

It’s a wonder that Cortana managed to get this far though, given how it feels half-deaf and is more than a bit slow on the uptake. When I first tried to speak to it, to my surprise, it did not stir. Again and again I called out, “Hey Cortana”, increasingly raising my voice at the irritation at being ignored.

It was really surprising that cortana got this much market. When i initially heared about i thought no one will ever use it. But it got huge market my bad i nover loved it. When i started it it didn’t stir. Agan and gain I called “Hey Cortana” 20 times it didn’t work with increasingly loud voice & irritation. So i thought of learning how to shut off cortana.

is your cortana search not working?

if you are feeling happy after installing cortana on your computer & just waiting it to work for you & then seeing your cortana search not working is the disappointment you may ever have with Microsoft. This product need individual assistance by support team to get issues figured & avoid any future problems is through searching using cortana option & making sure that all information at your disposal. I would like to assist you either by phone or through chat. Use phone call option or chat option to get assistance.

is your windows 10 cortana not working?

This is third time or fourth time i have written about this thing about windows 10 cortana not working. Because this is the most common problem people are having on their computers after installing windows 10 operating system. Though voice assistance is an amazing feature bought by windows 10 but it could also be useless unless you know how to use it or if it is not working at all. So, i would recommend you to get assistance for this voice assistance by experts.

How to Fix Cortana Stopped Working?

It seems now a days lot of people are running into Windows 10 Cortana problems. For some people Cortana Stopped Working, for others it won’t open at all. Cortanatechsupport providing technical assistance for Windows 10 users who have been facing Cortana issues since they moved or upgraded their operating system to Windows 10.

Has Your Win 10 Start Menu Not Working?

A lot of Windows 10 users are reporting problems with Cortana. For some users who moved to latest version i,e Windows 10 are finding out that their Win 10 Start Menu Not Working or Start Menu Not Responding. If your start menu isn’t working, don’t be frustrated here at Cortanatechsupport we have some working methods to help you fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working issue.

How to Stop Cortana?

Microsoft has made its voice controlled personal assistant – Cortana more integral to Windows 10 with its updates. While more users are using this new feature, some minor malfunctions in this personal assistant annoying Cortana users. Many users are encountering popups or notifications issue. If you don’t want Microsoft putting its fingers into your data you can Stop Cortana. There are several methods to Stop Cortana, if you want to get rid of it. We at Cortanatechsupport recommend you to get assistance from Microsoft experts by dialling toll free number.

Any Fix for Cortana Keeps Crashing?

If you don’t have any idea what happened to Cortana and you can’t find it and Cortana keeps crashing then you may need little assistance. Contact Cortanatechsupport and we will be pleased to make your product working effectively. Contact us today on Cortana Tech Support Number +1877-873-6675, or live chat with us or even talk to us. we are available 24x7x365 to assist you along with queries regarding Cortana Crashes.

How to Turn Cortana Off?

When Windows 10 first released Cortana Turn Off was very simple, but Microsoft removed that option in Windows 10 update. Now there is no option to Turn Cortana Off / Cortana On Microsoft removed it. But the setting is still available, if you want to know how to turn Cortana off, get connected to us by dialling tool free number. In this case, one of our Microsoft representatives will assist you or answer your queries.

How to Uninstall Cortana in Windows 10?

Cortana is feature rich Windows update. Not all Windows 10 users delighted with Digital Assistant. Some people are searching for a ways to Uninstall Cortana or Remove Cortana. Microsoft doesn’t allow Windows 10 user to uninstall Cortana. If you are really want to uninstall Cortana completely, think twice before you will continue. If you decide to uninstall it, for quick support, call our toll free number. We strive to provide you best support.  

Why Cortana is Not Working in UK?

One of biggest features in latest Windows 10 build is Cortana. Microsoft stated that Cortana is available in UK. Though region and language are set to UK sometimes users are not able to enable Cortana. If you are experiencing Cortana is Not Working in UK issue, don’t worry, shed your worries aside. We provide support related to any Cortana error messages or technical glitches. For any Cortana Help or Cortana Support dial our Cortana toll free number.

Why Cortana is Not Working in Canada?

In earlier editions of Windows 10, Canadian couldn’t use Cortana cause Cortana didn’t support Canadian English. Microsoft released new Windows 10 Edition in November, which started to support Canada English. Still there are many Windows 10 users are claiming that their Cortana feature is not working in Canada. We have found out the major reason why Cortana could not be enabled in Canada and we resolved it. We have support representatives available round the clock to answer your queries.

Why is Cortana not Working on my PC?

If you are having trouble in opening start menu or Cortana not Working or Cortana not Responding. Looking for a way to resolve Cortana Not Working on my PC? Feel free to dial Cortana Technical Support Phone Number. Get 24x7 advanced and customized support for any Cortana issues. We always focus to provide best solutions to your Cortana issues. We also try to maintain a good relation with customers to understand their exact needs. We are available 24x7x365 to assist you through online or over phone call.

Why Cortana is not Working in Australia?

As of now Cortana is not available in Australia, if you want Cortana work you can do this by changing your time to US time zone.  If you don’t know how to activate or enable Cortana in Australia, you are at the right place to get solutions for Cortana issues. We are here to help you with various Cortana issues you are experiencing. Cortana Helpline is available at +1877-873-6675.

Why is Cortana Not Connecting to the Internet?

Many people found Cortana to be helpful for searching web and setting reminders. Cortana not connecting to the internet is a very common issue and the possible solution is restart Cortana. If The problem still exists, connect with us. We provide 24x7 online help and support. Our techies have expertise in Cortana Support. For instant technical support for Cortana call us at +1877-873-6675.

Fix Cortana not Working in Latest Mobile Build?

Cortana is truly awesome personal assistant, available across all kinds of platforms. However if you are looking for assistance to fix Cortana Not Working in latest mobile build, the best way to solve the issue is to contact Cortana Support experts. By doing so you will get personalized solutions for problems. If you encounter any problem with your Cortana online technical assistance is best solution. You just need to sit back and let experts do all work for you.

Troubleshoot Cortana Speech Language not Working?

If you are working on Windows 10 and all of sudden found that Cortana speech language not working. There is no reason behind it, you could try to resolve the problem all by yourself without having reset your PC. So you should look for authentic Cortana Customer Support. It is suggested to call Cortana Phone Number that provides facility to get immediate expert assistance for resolving problems associated with Cortana.

Solve Cortana mouse Freezing problem?

If you are upgraded to Windows 10 and found that your mouse freezes or lags without any reason. Many Windows 10 users have reported about the same issue, you are not alone. But no problem, freezing mouse is a fixable issue and you can do it by getting support from us.

How to Fix Keyboard not Working on Cortana?

If I want to type something in Cortana or want to search something on edge my keyboard not working. Is there any solution to fix this issue?

The moment you persist any issues in Cortana or Edge browser, then Cortana Technical Support Number comes handy. Support experts come into rescue operation via phone, live chat or remote access. One can get support for any kind of Cortana issues like

Cortana is not Working on my PC
My Cortana is not Working Xbox One
Cortana is not Working in my Region

Critical error Start Menu and Cortana aren’t Working Sign Out Now
Cortana Notebook not Working Windows 10

Fix Cortana Notebook Settings Not Working?

It showed that the Windows 10 anniversary update and Cortana don’t get along well. Most of users complained Cortana notebook settings are not working after they installed update on their machines. The only fix we found is anniversary update involves modifying registries. In case you still experience the issue contact Cortana Customer Support by dialling toll free number. From Cortana experts you will get assistance for your problem in best possible time.

Troubleshoot Cortana Notifications not Working on PC Issue?

I installed Cortana on my PC and I am sure the settings were correct. I no longer get any notifications  on my PC for news, weather and sports . What is the best solution to troubleshoot Cortana notifications not working on PC. In case you are looking for a solution it is easy to contact Cortana for assistance. Cortana Support number is toll free number. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you are facing any issue.

Why has Cortana right click Stopped Working?

Window 10 Cortana is great feature, but sometimes experience some issues like Cortana right click Stopped Working, Cortana reminders not working windows 10, Cortana voice recognition is not working, windows 10 Cortana search box not working and more. Contact out Cortana techies on toll free number and get your Cortana issues fixed remotely.

Resolve Searchui.exe Cortana not Working?

One of the most acceptable features of Windows 10 Cortana is its personal assistance and search. Though these features are great some users are reporting that Searchui.exe Cortana not Working. How to resolve if Cortana Searchui.exe not Working? Our technicians will provide you with appropriate fixes over phone or remote access under your supervision. With 100% secure remote access your issue will be addressed on priority basis.

How to Solve Windows 10 Cortana not Working in Safe Mode?

Are you experiencing the most common issues that Windows 10 users are reporting? Did you found that Cortana not Working in Safe Mode? Well try to resolve it. For more complex Cortana issues, we provide you an option to allow our technicians to fix the issue for you. Our dedicated support technicians will make your Cortana work fine.

Resolve Cortana Live Tile not Working Windows 10?

Microsoft latest operating system Windows 10 is great with its features. But many users are facing issues Cortana Live title not working, Cortana not working with windows 10 upgrade, Cortana voice not working on windows 10, windows 10 mobile Cortana not working, Cortana not working with Microsoft band and more. Cortana Support team offers you remote support. You just need to call us at Cortana Support Phone Number.

How to Fix Cortana not Working with Groove Music?

Not only Cortana users ask her to play their favourite music from music files or one drive, but also can use Cortana to play songs within Groove music. Do you face Cortana not working with Groove music issue and you don’t know what to do and how to fix it. Call Cortana Support experts to get immediate assistance.

Fix Windows 10 Mobile Preview Cortana not Working?

It seems as though a lot of users are running into problems with Windows 10 Mobile Preview Cortana not Working. But there are some solutions you can try. Need technical help to fix the issue? You are at the right place to get wonder solutions for Cortana issues. We are here to help you with various Cortana errors. World class technical support is just a phone call away.

Resolve Windows 10 Mobile Cortana Speech not Working?

A lot of Windows 10 users are reporting issues with Cortana. For some people Windows 10 Mobile Cortana Speech not Working or Hey Cortana Xbox on not Working, others are having trouble ask Cortana Windows 10 not Working. Technical help for Windows 10 Cortana issues is just a phone call away. Call Cortana Support number provided here for technical help.

What to Do Hey Cortana not Working on 950xl?

Millions of users have upgraded to Windows 10 operating system. The operating system is best, it has not all been a success. There are some issues that still crop up Windows 10 users daily. Microsoft plans to release a update to fix Windows 10 issues. Until then, we have some relatively easy ways to address problems. Fed up of Cortana issues? Cortana Technical Support is your benefit.

Solve Cortana not Working Windows 8.1?

Microsoft released Cortana for Windows 8.1 phones last year. If you suddenly found Cortana not working Windows 8.1 , Cortana Support experts are here to help you. We as a technical support provider available 24x7 remotely to provide immediate fixes for Cortana problems. Call our toll free number to speak with experts. Our certified technicians can assist you with windows 10 version 1607 Cortana not working, Cortana is not working on windows 10 mobile, Cortana is not working on my windows 10 and critical error in windows 10 start menu and Cortana not working issues. Our support services are available through chat and phone.

 Why is Surface Pen Cortana not Working?

Your Cortana can schedule meetings, give you show times, remind you shopping time and even send emails. Cortana is your personal assistant on your surface device. Sometimes surface pen Cortana will  not work. If this happens, here is a fix you can try Install Surface and Windows Updates. It may help fix problems with your Surface Pen.

How to Fix Surface Book Cortana not Working?

Windows 10 includes many new features. If you are having serious issues with Cortana, the problems are pretty common, but it is important for you to troubleshoot these for effective use of Cortana. If you are facing Surface Book Cortana not Working issue make sure to contact an expert. You can reach them on Cortana Support Number. Our support team will help you to fix the problems in a simple way.

A Fix for Windows 10 Start Menu Cortana Action Center not Working?

Action Center allows you to see Windows 10 notifications. In addition to this, it allows you to see notifications from various apps. Action Center is very useful feature but some Windows 10 users reported Action Center not working on their PC.  Our support experts are qualified and more capable to fix all your issues associated with Cortana. Our support services provides you comfort of fixing issues without carrying your device shop repair store.



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